You ever seen a shooting star when you’re expecting one?

It’s quite spectacular, it has that feeling of picking a horse because you were told by someone it will win, no doubt win and it does. Wow, how did they know the future?

The first time I woke up for a meteor shower I was living at my Nan’s. My brother and I woke up to see a meteor shower, I can’t recall the shower name, it may have been in October so the Orionids.

My eyes were perfecting adjusted to the darkness, I could see the colours of the stars. They we not just blue to me. The moon was not up from memory and the comet that passed the 1000 of years before to create this shower was unknown to me.

The meteors would shoot across the sky and you kind of can’t believe your eyes. They are fast and precise, unless you capture a fireball. The fireball is a meteor that is a lot bigger and burns a lot brighter.

I didn’t see a real fireball until the Leonid Shower of November 2001 if I recall correctly. I ventured out with my second cousin to the Yarra Valley. This was predicted to be a great storm and it didn’t disappoint.

I saw meteors that stretched the entire sky and changed colour. We saw purple and green colours. We saw fireballs where they came so low in the atmosphere that I could see the smoke from the explosion. This was truly a meteor shower as the name suggested.

I have tried to get up whenever I can to watch meteor showers, they come ever year. The streams produced by comets such as Halleys and Temple Tuttle are an amazing site. Even to see just one when your expecting it is truly a sight to behold.



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