I have lived in a lot of places. Not the kind you tell people about, the lived in New York or the UK type. I’m talking about actual houses in my own country.

I remember only two houses before my parents were divorced. The first a units or what you would also call a flat.The second was the last house that our family unit would ever live in.

The street was Dobson and it was conveniently located down the road from my primary school. My mother told me the first time I walked to school myself she followed me, I probably will do the same to my own litter.

I continued to live here after the divorce for sometime until moving to Dad’s. When I say Dad’s I refer to a room at my Nan & Pops. My uncle also lived there and basically was to become my older brother figure. That story is for another time though.

Every couple of years from that year forward I think I have moved. We lived with Dad by ourselves, we lived with Nan & Pop again, we lived my Aunty & Uncle, my Dad’s girlfriends and almost new wife.

I lived with Ex Girlfriends and there family’s and I even returned to my mothers to live which I never thought would happen. Tying back to my Brothers In Arms blog, this was the first time I had lived with my younger brothers since I was 12.

I have moved a lot.

I have been with my fiancée for six years and excluding one year of a long distance relationship we have also lived with my mother and her mother and brother. We also shared with a good friend of ours as well. So basically we have only spent about 2 years in our own place, the rest living with people in our six years.

When I say ‘we’, we have always had a cat though. The first was Thorn and after his time had come to an end we met Mr.Moda. But he can tag along to begin our own family unit.

The market, the media says housing is going up. Interest rates are low so house prices are increasing. There is a correction that may be on its way they say. If we buy now will the market crash and we overpaid? Lots of uncertainty out there and being patient may be the difference between thousands of dollars and thousands of hours still being homeless.

I do remember a great little framed quote at my Nan’s house, it reads as follows.
A house is made of brick and stone, but a home is made of love alone.

Its probably is the worst time to buy, but for someone like me it’s long overdue.



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