The Hole.

Red: [narrating] Andy got two weeks in the hole for that little stunt.

– The Shawshank Redemption 

I have been in this hole before.

It wasn’t as deep as last time,but it certainly was as dark. There is no exit in sight, there is nothing but yourself, your thoughts and your feelings. There is no real purpose, no drive to continue on. You can’t see your hand in front of your face, you can’t see your future, only the past.

You dwell on the unknown. You predict what will happen, There is no escape.

The past will haunt you, the present only worsens you, the future does not exist. you are in the hole.

People will walk past the hole, you will hear them but that’s all. They will speak to you, they might even yell and even though the sound waves enter your ears, your mind does not acknowledge them. It’s like a one way phone call. you don’t respond. You might make a small noise every once and awhile, a deep breath, a sigh. It’s loud to you. It goes unheard to others, because you are in the hole.

No one can rescue you in the hole, because they don’t know they are walking right past it. If they could see the hole, they couldn’t see you in the bottom. They won’t throw a rope down, because it look’s bottomless to them, and it feels bottomless to you.

Days, months and years pass for some people in the hole. Some people live in the hole the rest of their life.

Everybody has been in this hole, they are just not as deep and not as dark for some. The darker it is, the harder it is to see the little glimpse of light at the top of the hole. At first, it blinds you, it scares you but it is the first step to getting out of the hole.

Weeks go on, you do what you must. Only you can escape this hole. The hole is also inside you, it needs to be filled. The light gets brighter at the top of the hole.

Your mind must change, your inner strength must increase. The light gets brighter at the top of the hole.

You start to dream, you start to try to look through the darkness. The light gets brighter at the top of the hole.

The past becomes a lesson learnt, the future you see, you are not alone. The light gets brighter at the top of the hole.

The light, is in the hole.

When you least expect it the fire starts inside the belly, your mind absorbs the smoke and you exhale. Like a steam train, your wheels slowly start to creak, the power from this inside engine starts to move you forward. This train can’t go backwards now.

You stand, and you get your first glimpse beyond the light. The sky, is blue, not grey as you remember. The air, has a smell, its crisp and fresh. It enter your lungs, it soothes the butterflies that are dancing in your stomach. You exhale and feel your problems, your worries exit your body.

You realise, that just above you is the lip of the hole. Its been there the whole time, you couldn’t see it when so deep and dark in the hole. You reach up and claw the lip, you push your fingers deep inside the earth and you lift. You, are out of the hole.

You stand, you take a breath, you make sure you remember that one step backwards put’s you back in the hole.

Now, the work begins. You had it in you all along. The chemicals are balanced, the heart is free, the stomach is calm.

If you think someone you know might be in a hole, listen carefully. Listen to the sounds that come from the darkness.

If you find it, if you hear it, try to get some light into the hole. Help them, help themselves.



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