The Fog.

Its white, its cold. You rush through as you fall. There is no turning back now, you have begun.

All the things you dreamed up in your head, all the predictions you pondered, don’t exist.

This is now. This is you.

What will you do when the fog clears? What will you see, how will you feel?

The wind rips past your face, your eyes start to water, you are falling faster and faster,deeper and deeper into the unknown. Feel you heart, feel your veins, you are alive. You are no longer a passenger, you are in control. You can move sideways, you can flip backwards and forwards, you are weightless.

You close your eyes, you take a big breath. Silence.

The air, you feel enter your nose. The tingle, this airborne matter creates as it enters your lungs and energizes you is something new. You no longer think about what is coming, or what has happened. You are ready to open your eyes.

You are ready for what ever happens, because it hasn’t happened yet.

Time, is only a measurement. We are not recorded on any surface, we are only today, we are only now.

Nothing happens, until you do something. You took the first step, you fall and you wonder. What will I become, where can i go.

No one can tell you as you fall through the fog, you must find your own way.

You must find the road.

You must find it, today.



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