Medium Rare

Last night I did something different. I was invited to a steak cooking class as a customer of a company called Dicker Data. There was two tickets but I was the only one who could make it.

I didn’t know anyone but I decided what the hell. From my days on Contiki and going to Instagram walks I am used to going to places by myself and making friends. Shit, I have even been to Disneyland by myself!

I had to take a bus I have never taken before, so I left work about five minutes early and walked to bus stop 95a. There was a huge line of people waiting to the bus, so lucky I got there early.

Moments later a bus arrives, it wasn’t the 113 as I had hoped but a Queensland Uni shuttle, the line started to move. I noticed everyone was getting in this bus, and I was getting closer to the door. I suddenly realised this line was for this specific bus and I quickly moved aside and pretended like I knew what I was doing.

So, by myself and getting a little nervous about attending said Steak Night the bus arrives, the 113. The door opens and the bus driver says “One minute, just doing changeover” and then kind of signals to me, but it was too late I was halfway in the door when it shuts on me. No serious damage just a second hit to the already damaged and nervous ego.

I stand and wait for bus door to open, once again pretending I know what I am doing.

I jump on and we are on our way.

I have lived in Brisbane for over four years and there is a lot I haven’t seen. This bus took me through underground tunnels and various twists and turns. The scenery was different and a breath of fresh air to be honest, I kind of felt like I was travelling a new city, a new country.

I arrived at the hotel thirty minutes early ( I hate being late) and got myself a beer. I sat on a lonely single table, but that’s ok I like my own company, I like my own thoughts.

It is quite exhilarating putting yourself out to the unknown, I think you learn a lot about yourself.

Eventually guests arrived and one gentleman came up and introduced himself. He was in a suit, but real friendly and we got to talking all things business and tech.

Granted I didn’t understand everything he was talking about in terms of business but I thought I kept up well. I am sure he was none the wiser.

We eventually moved over to the bigger table where the class was setup to begin and I met and spoke with various customers and enjoyed a few drinks. The presentation was very informative and I learnt that You Tube doesn’t know how to cook a steak, so I look forward to giving this technique a go.

The night ended and I was on my way home and I reflected on what had happened. As usual I tend to over-think situations and predict the future and when you do that enough and try to avoid the situation Mr.Anxiety starts to creep up and say hello.

The power and I guess, you could say enlightenment I felt was welcomed and all because I decided to open myself up to the unknown. The night was a success and I am really glad I attended and made so new contacts.

So in closing, I, you, we have to take a chance. We have to give it a go because you never know what will happen, open yourself up to change and possibility and get into that deep end.

So instead of just being well done, try something different and try something rare, you never know where it may lead you.



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