When I was 18 and I had finished high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was actually kind of bored.

I wanted to learn something new. I had always wanted to play guitar. I started to teach myself. I did a few lessons and then started to write my own songs. I played everyday.

I don’t play everyday now, but every now and then I jump on my guitar and play some tunes. I miss playing in a band. I miss the energy.

I used to go to the rehearsal rooms with my brother and my cousin. My cousin would play drums and my brother and I would play guitar.

We would mostly play Metallica or System of a Down. I always wanted to cover Everclear but my cousin wasn’t a fan. We had some good jams and my love of playing really kicked off from there.

I started going over to another cousins place every Wednesday for a jam. James had played guitar for many years. We would jam and write songs and have a few beers or bourbons.

One day, he had came across a friend of his sisters who played drums. We met him and organized to go over and have a jam. His name was Tom and he was from the UK. We went over and had a jam, it was awesome. I hadn’t jammed with a drummer for some time and it was an instant click.

We were rocking out, making up riffs trying to remember some covers and just having a good time. It was the beginning of Next Day Waiting.

We advertised for a few singers and got a few in. My cousin James had an old friend from primary school, Daniel. we got him in to play bass. But we were still down a singer. James had asked another friend, Cail but he was already in another band.

We continued to jam and got a singer in, but didn’t really work out. I was given the task of letting him go. I did it by text, wasn’t proud of myself. Why did we let him go? Cail was keen to jump on-board, I don’t think his other project was working out. It worked out well as Cail & Daniel had been writing songs themselves in an acoustic arrangement.

We were jamming at Bayswater Drum Power, our usual stomping ground. Cail turned up and we had a jam.

I remember the room changing, the sound getting sharper. The smiles were getting bigger. Cail said to us, “I could hear the drums starting to be hit a little harder, the guitars and bass a little tighter”.

We had found our final member. Being in a band is a lot about the connection, the unspoken connection between band members. Its the same as friendship. Its the same as a relationship. It was also the very reason why we eventually went our separate ways.

Our first gig I recall was in Boronia at my cousins birthday party. We were to play originals, which is very rare. Usually when you play at a party you play covers. We got up and played and it was the start of something good. We went on to play a cousins birthday party, mixing covers and originals.

We started to gig everywhere we could as we wrote new songs. we entered our first battle of the bands.

This was the most nervous I ever was I think. I couldn’t tune my guitar properly before the show, I had some shitting piece of crap and we couldn’t use our own equipment. I had to try and make sense of a Marshall Stack I had never used before.

The crowd, was fantastic. We had people with signs made up with ‘NDW’, family and friends all came to watch. I think we played every song at almost double speed, and I don’t really recall what it sounds like. It all happened so fast.

At the end of the night, they announced our band the winner. I couldn’t believe it.

One of the judges was from a local band, he was starting a record label and he gave us his card. We never did follow up, but that’s another story.

We were able to start playing at the local FTG pub and we were paid to play our originals. Once again, so rare to be paid.

We even got on Russ Kellets show on channel 31. We went down to jam for him at one of his jam nights and he loved it. The gigs were plentiful, some a little wobbly, some real tight.

We continued to write songs and recorded an EP. It happened very fast and for winning the Battle of the Bands, that got us the time to record and also play at the Croydon festival. We were signing autographs and giving away sweatbands, it was kind of crazy.

The band finished as quickly as it begun though. Our last gig was at Sidney Myer Music Bowl at the Thank God its Over festival. Karnivool and Grinspoon played and we were on the MySpace stage. Myspace, you remember that?

We did record our album, it’s a little out of time, its a little raw. We didn’t record it to a click track, we just played live. That’s how we wanted to play, that’s how we enjoyed to play.

We always said when we got up on stage, we would just go crazy, because when you watch a live band having fun, you can’t help but get involved and have  fun as well. Its about the performance, the tenacity & the connection you create with your audience.

Some of the ex members have gone off into other bands. Next Day Waiting only exists online now. But there it will stay for hopefully as long as the internet does.

Myself, I continue to play. In my own time writing instrumentals and just enjoying the guitar in general.

I do miss the band though, I miss the feelings and the unspoken bond. The ability to look at each other and know where the song is going and the feeling of wow, we are playing this, we have created this. There is no other song on earth like it. That is the true blessing of a band, the creation, the release and ability to make something new.

I miss it.

I leave you with this, our most famous song. It should have been on the radio, it could have been our big hit. We were either 5 years too late or early, I don’t know.

Its about war, its about humanity. Maybe, its about the band members and us going our separate ways? Its what ever you want it to be, that’s the best part of music, you will make your own connection.


Rock on.
















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