Quantum Leap

Oh Boy!

In 2009, the leap back arrived. This was the 20th Anniversary of the hit TV show Quantum Leap and the Leap Back 2009 was a convention held in Los Angeles in March. I am a huge fan of the show so my I decided to make an 11 week holiday out of it with my girlfriend of the time.

This story, isn’t about the 11 week holiday. Its about the convention itself and the people we met and the fun times we had.

The convention was in Hollywood at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, just near Universal Studios.

Before the trip, I was on the message board, speaking with people that were also going to the convention. People were coming from all over the world, it kind of felt like I was going on another Contiki Tour! I can’t remember exactly how the next part of this story started, but I was in contact with the Master Of Ceremonies of the convention, Mr Marc B. Lee. He had decided to run a bowling event/tour the day before the convention.

The plan was to go out for the day, drive around to a few tourist spots and see the sites and then head to Lucky strikes Lanes near the Kodak Theater for some bowling.

We had two cars I remember, and we went to Santa Monica beach as a first stop. Walked the pier and enjoyed the sites. We also went through some mountainous areas seeing some great views of LA and other surrounding areas. We also headed up to the Griffith Observatory, made famous by James Dean and admired a brilliant view of Los Angeles and its surrounding ‘cities’.

I recall seeing a few famous movie star houses and I swear I saw Vin Diesel driving a car, but no one believed me.

After a drive throughout LA it was time to hit the bowling. Marc had organised some games and a good friend of his was meeting us. This good friend was Lee Arenberg, he is an actor famous for being in Seinfeld and as my mum constantly reminded me, the pirate ‘Pintel’ in Pirates of the Caribbean. We hung out playing ten pin bowling, had a couple of beers and just soaked up the atmosphere. He had also organized another guest Ed Wasser, from Babylon 5.

Marc had organized this as a unofficial event, and what a nice gesture for the Master of Ceremonies to take us around and show us a good time. I will never forget the hospitality he showed us that day. We had a great time and when it was time for Lee Arenberg to leave, I released I had promised my mum I would get his autograph. I don’t love asking people for there autograph, considering he had just come to do some bowling and hang out.

I asked anyway, and he was happy to oblige. So, mother got her autograph she asked for 🙂

Marc still has a website live, showing the event which you can see here –


The Leap Back Convention site still exists as well –


The convention was great, we met a lot of different actors from various TV shows and movies. We met Scott Bakula and the creator Donald P Bellisario and had a great time. I haven’t watched Quantum Leap for sometime actually, so it might be time to dust off the old DVD’s!















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