Charles was a lover of the great outdoors. He had organized to go up to the lake this summer, hang with his buddies. Fishing, beers and playing some guitar. Dream while looking at the stars, dream while the endorphins are high.

It was about a 2 hour trip to the lake. Ben, his old buddy from high school was driving his pick up. Charles had brought his hand held radios to talk some shit over, to pass the time. Ben had to detour and pick-up John from Hedgetown Station, conveniently on the way.

John had travelled from the big city. He working some white collar job there, left our town a few years back. He was in need of a trip to the lake. They all were.

Charles continued on to set-up camp. Ben was now out of range on the radio, so it was a lonely drive up the windy road to the lake.

Nice four man tent, for one man. Plenty of room for that fresh mountain air. Plenty of room if by some chance, a very very rare chance some ladies were to walk past a camp site at the lake. You never know.

Lake Solett was a hit with the young people lately. Some reports of Northern Lights a few months back due to some increase in Solar activity. Was a lovely place, but this time of year there was a blazing sun ahead and clear black skies at night.

Charles had set-up camp by the time John & Ben arrived. Beers were on ice and he was setting up fishing lines. I think it was about 6:30pm when they heard a splash.

“You hear that?” asked Charles. Ben and John quickly turned to find some ripples in the lake and some steam. Bubbles appeared on the surface, the smell of burning rubber filled the air.

“Probably a flying fish” Ben joked, smiling while grabbing a cold beer.

The smell quickly faded and the ripples faded. It was nothing. It was nothing to them.

The guys spent the first half of the evening drinking cold beers and cooking some BBQ. They laughed, they almost cried from the chuckles that filed the air. They hadn’t laughed like this for a while. The lake was quiet tonight, except for a few friends that wanted to kick back and relax.

Charles felt something on his neck. It wasn’t a bug. It was a hair. It stood straight up, and then a god awful sound appeared.

The sound of 100 trains, full steam. The brightness of 100 stars appearing behind them from the lake. It’s brilliance reflected in the water, the power made bubbles and ripples bigger than before. The sound and light was so powerful they couldn’t help but look. what was it. What was this light? this sound?

Charles, blinked.

The lake was gone.

Ben & John were gone.

The headlights where the last thing he saw that night on the way to the lake. The headlights, were the bright light we speak about for him, as he fell asleep at the wheel that night.














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