Ever wonder if you’re on the right path? Do you believe that you have a choice, or do you believe in fate?

For me, I think things happen for a reason. People meet for a reason. The universe is very powerful and you may or may not be aware of its power.

I find that when you make a big decision or do something out of the ordinary and you start to see coincidences, you are on the right path. Things are all tied together, things are intertwined.

We are all made of the same matter, so any energy from one piece of matter has to be the same as other matter. This is how we can feel things. This is how some people can see things.

Personally, I can’t see things. I can’t see people that have left us behind. But I can feel things, I can sense things.

Now, is this intuition, is this life experience, is this life so structured and designed I can see what is coming? Can I predict the likely thing that will happen next?

Coincidences to me, are markers. They are ways the universe show you that you are on your correct path. Why else would they appear? Why are they connected to us in this way. Why do they reveal themselves to us? Do we subconsciously search for them?

Next time you see a coincidence, work backwards from that moment. Ask yourself how did you get to that coincidence. Why did you notice it, when others may pass you by?

Ask yourself, have people experienced the same coincidence at the exact same time?

Now, you may think to yourself what a load of shit. But, this is my life and my brain and my interpretation of the world around us. I believe in science, so I have made enough observations and analysed the data in my own brain. Maybe there is something more, something above our level of understanding to explain such feelings and emotions.

Chemicals in my brain, create these thoughts. They create these thoughts of gods and love, anger and passion. Its very hard to control something you don’t fully understand, the human brain is one of those mysteries.

If someone created us then they actually created the very fabric of what we call the universe. They can’t be part of this fabric to create it, so I guess its the same question over and over, what came first the creator or the creation?













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