Things are about to change, I can feel it. First my hands tremble and a lump in my throat appears. I feel threatened. I feel exposed.

Why do we feel this way during change?

Once, many many sunrises ago, our ancestors needed the tremble. They needed the fear to survive. Without it, I wouldn’t be here writing this, you wouldn’t be here reading this. The dinosaurs have left us, but the energy, the threat has not. They come in suits, they come in flashing lights, they come as a doctor reading some bad news, or they come as a fire in the night.

When the butterflies appear, they only last a while. Its not just greener on the other side, its bliss. The rush you get from heading straight through your fear, that’s what gets you coming back.

Push forward, don’t ignore, don’t delay and don’t avoid. It’s what feeds the dinosaur. If you feed it too much, it gets too big.

Butterflies, they only live a day.








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