Do you cross on the red or wait for the green?

Trust is an important thing, it can make or break friendships, partnerships or relationships. 

Trust needs freedom. Freedom is what opens our minds to possibilities. 

You must trust yourself and your thoughts. But what if these thoughts are disturbed? What if these thoughts are not real. 

It begs the question, are our thoughts ourselves or seperate to our conscience? Is it our animal instincts, or another internal dialogue?



The Steel Door.

Some time has past. I have returned to the road where I found the three doors.

I always take the door with no door. Its so familiar, so easy. I know what to expect before and after.

I’m safe.

But, today and for the rest of my life and I am going to walk through the steel door.

Its so heavy and so much effort to open. It takes all my energy and everything of who I am to open it. The blood rushes to my muscles, I grip tightly on the handle.

It’s cold.

It’s coarse.

It’s unknown.

My fingers are alive, my heart is pumping. My thoughts race like a bullet train, images flash before my minds eye. I predict, I analyse. I worry.

I am alive.

I pull the door open, and beyond it is everything I ever wanted. It’s right there. It’s been there the whole time. All I had to do was reach out and grab it.

It’s so simple when you step back from your thoughts. Your thoughts don’t exist. They are images, pulse of electricity, imagination, love, fear.

They are there to protect you.

But more importantly, they are there to push you.

I have now walked through the door. I am in this new space.

The old ways, feel so long ago.

I am free. I am me.

I wanted to be that person, before the fear, before the anxiety. But, the anxiety and fear is me. It, like everything I ever wanted has always been there the whole time.

I can’t stop now, I have gone too far.

The hole is so far away, its echo’s are gone. The fog is gone.

Now, in front of me is as clear as our atmosphere at night. The stars, the light that burns for millions and billions of years are visible.  Its energy radiates, its power inspires. There is so many stars I cannot see, like opportunities I missed long ago.

If you wait long enough, your eyes will adjust. the light, appears.

I am made of that stuff.

I am a creation of the universe.

I am the creator of my universe.

I am my creator.

The steel door…..

its not heavy any more.