Third times a charm.

Unfortunately I was unable to pass on my second attempt at the CCIE written. It was tougher than the previous version I attempted three years ago. I used the Boson Exam Simulator and I personally found it useless. I was able to get a refund on the software but it didn’t really cover the $580 for the CCIE written. 

All is not lost, the study I have done has prepared me for the CCNP route exam which I will attempt shortly to recertify. 

When I was in TAFE many years ago all I wanted was to wear a Cisco polo. It might sound stupid but every time I wear one it reminds me of the goal I set out to achieve. This new goal is still there, I will master it one day but for now I need to get back into the books and labs. I won’t attempt it again until I mastered every subject. The CCIE I do not take for granted, some people have said it’s the PHD of Networking and if I am to get the that level it will take every once of who I am.

So it’s back to the books for now.



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